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In 1990 our founder, Graham, set about creating the very first Buster product. Since then we’ve honed our expertise to become the experts in plughole care. We’ve worked obsessively to know plugholes better than anyone else and we’ve created a range of products to tackle every problem, from blockages, bad odours and germs. You can pick up a bottle of Buster on five continents around the world and every product is made in our UK factory – we’re extremely proud to be British.

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Bathroom Unblocker

“I will never use a different brand. This worked on a completely blocked sink half full of water. Amazing stuff”

Claire100, Ocado

Bathroom Unblocker

Kitchen Unblocker

“Wouldn't be without a bottle in my cupboard. Amazing have recommend it to all my friends love it.”

Deidre, Facebook

Kitchen Unblocker

The Plughole Specialists

You’re probably wondering why we’ve formulated two different unblockers. The answer is simple – the blockages in kitchen and bathroom plugholes are caused by different things, so need to be tacked differently. Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker dissolves hair and soap scum in the bathroom, while Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker blasts fat and food debris in the kitchen. We’ve used over 25 years of expertise to create these products to keep your home flowing freely.


Buster Tweets

When a blockage occurs in your shower or bath you can almost always guarantee it's a build up of soap scum and hair so use our Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker to ensure a free flowing plughole. #CleaningEssentials #KeepItFlowing #Clean #LifeHacks https://t.co/VJqo6rb5N9 BusterProducts photo

We don't like to say we work miracles... but we work miracles... "My shower has started to drain the water away so slowly 👎🏼 So I'm putting some Buster bathroom unblocker down the drain to flush the hair and dirt build up away 💙 This stuff works miracles 🙌🏼" - @homeat.no6 https://t.co/bmWeJJrxoQ BusterProducts photo

We often get asked why we have two unblockers... Well, it's simple - Bathroom and Kitchen blockages are NOT the same, so they need different solutions to combat them. We've been making unblockers for over 25 years. That's why we're the UK's favourite drain care grocery product. https://t.co/tr7FFq0ogk

Buster Keeps Life Flowing

Buster keeps home life flowing. Our TV adverts show you how (we hope you love them as much as we do!)

Sink life

Why is there always someone in the bathroom?

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