Kitchen Plughole Unblocker

  • For blockages and slow draining water
  • Blasts fat and food
  • Clears trapped debris
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Mighty One Shot Power

  • Melts fat & grease

  • Immediate action

  • One shot treatment

Slow draining water in the kitchen sink is usually caused by the gradual build-up of fat and food debris. If not treated regularly, this build up will eventually harden to cause that dreaded kitchen plughole blockage.

Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker’s mighty one shot granules target food and fat build up. Whether it’s a full blockage or slow draining water, Buster gets to work quickly to leave kitchen plugholes free flowing again.

How to use

For slow draining water and blockages

  • Step 1.

    If the plughole is completely blocked, first scoop out as much standing water as possible
  • Step 2.

    Pour the entire bottle slowly down the plughole
  • Step 3.

    Leave to work for 20 minutes
  • Step 4.

    Flush through with lots of hot water

Trouble unblocking?

Try our Kitchen Unblocker FAQs.

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Bust out the Buster

Specifically designed to target kitchen blockages

How to unblock your kitchen sink, drain and plughole

Where to buy Kitchen Plughole Unblocker

Our Kitchen Unblocker is available to purchase on Amazon or alternatively you can search our stockists

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Kitchen Unblocker

"Wouldn't be without a bottle in my cupboard. Amazing have recommend it to all my friends love it."

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Kitchen Unblocker

Kitchen Unblocker

"This is amazing, wouldn’t use anything else"

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Kitchen Unblocker

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