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Let's face it, shaving can be really hard on a plughole. Just think about how many hairs there are being washed away down the drain. It's a good thing that Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker eliminates hair and soapscum within the plughole #Cleaning #Clean #LifeHacks #Shaving https://t.co/WwokTPAaZe BusterProducts photo

Our two different unblockers fix two very different issues. The Bathroom Plughole Unblocker breaks down hair and soapscum whereas the Kitchen Plughole Unblocker blasts fats and foods down the plughole leaving your pipes draining freely. Two problems? Two solutions. #Cleaning https://t.co/zyDKAcN78E BusterProducts photo

We've been in the game for 29 years and we are the experts when it comes to plugholes. Unblock, Prevent & Freshen your plugholes with Buster today! Available from all leading supermarkets, Ocado, The Range and Amazon #Cleaning #Clean #Fresh #KeepItFlowing #Buster #LifeHacks https://t.co/JNcIEhuFTx

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