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"It dissolves all the hair that gets stuck in the drain (girls you know the stress of washing your hair or shaving your legs and the hairs still linger in the drain😅)" @sienxlee https://t.co/VhhRysVxR0 BusterProducts photo

Burnt bits, fried fat, loose peas, limp leftovers, is your kitchen plughole coping? Show your kitchen plughole some love and bust out the Buster! Buster Kitchen Unblocker is a granule formula that heat up to magically blast kitchen blockages. #BustOutTheBuster https://t.co/37Nw0RqIyh

Just your weekly reminder to make sure your plugholes are clear! Its easy to do with the Buster. https://t.co/9N7zKT4cf4 BusterProducts photo

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